About me

Born and raised in Brazil, I have a humanistic background with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Philosophy in Brazil and a Human Rights Master’s degree in Italy.

While living in Ethiopia, I discovered a marked natural predisposition for painting.

After moving to Italy, I devoted myself to this art, taught by a professor at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts.

I then decided to commit to furthering my art knowledge. As a result, I relocated to Scotland, where I spent a year studying art full-time at the Leith School of Art, the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art and the Edinburgh Drawing School.

Following my return to Italy, I dedicated myself professionally to painting, which I do while dividing my time between Italy and Brazil.

I collaborate with the Italian photographer Pietro Cenini.

Painting the Soul

A range of subjects are covered. The attention to human and social problems due to my humanistic university training often leads me to portray places that are usually full of people. However I represent them as almost empty, emphasizing both human loneliness and our constant inner search. The attempt to depict the essence of things often makes the scenes timeless, like in a dream, silent and still subjects and places.


I have always avoided exhibiting my works in order to devote as much time as possible to their actual production. However, some of my works of art were displayed on the following occasions while I was studying in Scotland: